About Diagnostic Analytical Psychology Services (DAP)

Our vision is to be a strong international company that is geared towards supporting partner organizations. We continually focus on the innovation and cultivation of the diagnostic method we own. The method is currently far from being used in all the areas it is applicable to.

We are actively engaged in exporting our products to international markets and looking for business partners who would like to represent us and distribute our products at these markets.

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The diagnostic method of color associations combines the widely recognized theories of associations and colors. It is a completely different attitude towards diagnostics and interventions than the ones we know from the classical concept of psychology or psychiatry. The color associations method consistently functions on a neurobiological basis of the human brain and we validate and improve it continuously.

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Diagnostics (not only) in Human Resources. The topic of the Partners Meeting 2019 is going to be New CA Method Applications.

We shall show you how to work with colour association diagnostics in HR, as well as in sports or health, at the Partners Meeting event, which is going to be held in Ostrava on 3rd October 2019. It is intended for all DAP Services’ business partners and invited company representatives who would like to use smart data during their work.

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DAP Human Resources

The success or failure of a company is directly related to its hiring practices. According to Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, hiring the right people and placing them within the right team can invigorate a company, whereas selecting employees who lack transferable skills and the best personality and experience for the job can upset the balance of the entire company.

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DAP Education

DAP plays a critical role in the education of the next generation. Not only is it used to measure the readiness of individual children to enter preschool or elementary school, but DAP is widely employed by educational institutions to assess schools’ overall effectiveness in teaching and learning.

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DAP Market Research

DAP provides marketing and advertising professionals unprecedented insight into the consumer psyche, enabling a deep understanding of how consumers perceive their products and what specific changes would increase sales. By identifying and examining the relationship between consumers and products, and the complex thought processes that drive consumer behavior, DAP is an invaluable tool for increased revenue through better marketing.

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