Scientific research project called Knowmap succeeded

The scientific research project called Knowmap ( has justified its usefulness and content. The project has succeeded within the global evaluation of the achieved results by opponents and the Ministry of Education, Youth.
KNOWMAP is a project which is a part of the international program EUREKA (EU/5011/SC – and focuses on the efficient interconnection of modern knowledge management methods and the newest developments in the usage of psycho-diagnostic methods in the HR management.

The goal is to develop a knowledge information system with a focus on psycho diagnostic assessment and its use for knowledge management in companies and the optimization of production processes.

The project is based on the method of color associations (CA method) and the method of SAEM / CAF which was founded on EFQM. The whole diagnostic system and its features has also been empirically verified in practice.
Now the project result will be transformed to a product to be offered by the involved companies.