Success story from Germany

Berufliches OberSchule Fach OberSchule Cham, Bavaria, Germany
Barbara Dietzko, vice-director, Michael Smola, teacher, project co-ordinator

DAP Services was contacted by Michael Smola, a teacher from the school in Cham as a result of a recommendation from a Czech school, which was in the same project as the FOS / BOS Cham and was showing the results of their self-evaluation work on a project meeting.

DAP-Services was ready to prepare a pilot project within a month and the diagnostics took place in 4 classes in Cham.

The results were so astounding, that the school representatives decided to run the diagnostics for the whole school. The diagnostic was configured and prepared within another month and the results were then discussed in presence of the school administration representative of the Schulamt Straubing. The results were compared to the results of a questionnaire, that has been run in the school for the past 10 years every year.

The results of the color association methodology confirmed the results of the questionnaires and the school team expressed great interest in using the diagnostics, as the efforts needed to prepare, organize, realize and evaluate the questionnaire were many times more complicated, then using the user friendly portal at

Michael Smola: „I am very happy to have taken the opportunity to work with the color associations, as the information from the result confirmed the findings of our questionnaire research, but with only fractional effort while organizing the survey, not to mention the automated statistical preparation of the results, which, in the questionnaire version, took us weeks to finish.“