New business partnership in Russian Federation

DAP Services a.s. (Czech Republic) and PraxisCom (Russian Federation) announce this week a newly agreed upon partnership in bringing colour associations methodology to improve the effectiveness of project management on the territory of Russian Federation and CIS.

DAP Services provides for a first class psychometric services in the fields of human resources management, sporting, education and self development having a unique possibility to use the results of the diagnostics to provide for both individual and group results where appropriate.

PraxisCom, a Russian company, specializing on project management, engineering and management consulting, is the first partner for DAP Services on the territory of Russian Federation and CIS, which will guarantee for the quality of the color association based products in the field of project management.

Jiří ŠIMONEK as the general manager of DAP-Services:
“This is for us a step into traditional markets that have been a bit left behind after the Dissolution of the Soviet Union. We are very happy to be in the first row of business partnerships with the Russian speaking world right after our successful partnerships being established in Slovakian republic and the Republic of Poland.”

Nikolay OZHERELYEV as the general manager for PRAXISCOM:
“The role of a key national partner is not new to us – for the last three years we are the exclusive representative of the Japanese management methodology for innovative projects and P2M programs in Russia. This guide has been developed and is owned by the Project Management Association of Japan (PMAJ). The newly agreed upon partnership with the most western Slavic nation will very well fit in our portfolio, mainly because of the ease of use and the depth of analyzing human attitudes using color associations, which reveals the deep aspects of the personality.”