Andrea Lekic, captain who got scared. How CA Method predicted the result of a match of Serbian handball players.

kapitánkaA heavy burden laid on shoulders of Andrea Lekic, a captain of Serbian handball players, who was considered as pillar of women team on European Championship EHF 2014. Players came in after several injuries and relied on strong support of their captain.

Before the first match CA Method diagnostic showed that the captain is ready to direct her energy into the match, risk and effort.

“Andrea Lekic was very dynamic in the first match, she attacked eleven times six of which were successful. She scored nearly a third of total of 19 goals and was a complete support for her teammates,” describes the match sport psychologist Marijana Mladenovič. After the match, the team coach was satisfied with performance of the captain even though the match ended by a narrow margin 22:19 for Montenegro.

výsledek1Before the second match the situation with Serbian captain significantly changed due to the loss in the first match. Lekic started to focus her attention on pain, fear and injury. In addition she ceased to direct her energy into the match, risk and effort.kapitánka2 “Captain wasn’t ready to enter the match as a true leader and support the team as she previously did. Diagnostics results showed that she had problems with her own psyche and she was unable to fight properly in the match,” deduced from her results psychologist Mariana Mladenovič.

Nevertheless, coach put the captain up in the match. Her scattered psychological state immediately started to project into the game and visibly influenced the final score. The captain was not only unable to lead the team and be supportive but also the number of her attacks stopped at just four. And only one of those was successful. The match ended with clear victory 27:16 for French team.

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