EU Open House in Washington with SportMind

basketball-885786_1920-300x213The Czech Republic is a land of great athletes and fervent fans. Win prizes and gear up with us for the summer Olympics 2016 by playing some of the most popular Czech sports soccer, volleyball or badminton. Watch Czech rising stars demonstrate their gymnastics skills or our canine friends clear hurdles as per track and field. Learn about the fall Mutual Inspirations Festival 2016 – Martina Navratilova, celebrating the best tennis player of all time, among men or women. Cool down with a variety of delicious beer, hearty food, and music and dance.


Martina sensed the freedom in America and admired its women for doing what they wanted to do, making decisions, being professionals. She also liked the food. Growing up on traditional Czech dishes spread out over the course of a day, Martina was slim growing up but, indulging in Big Macs and fries, she struggled with her weight when she got to the US.  Still, Martina won her first major singles title at Wimbledon in 1978, defeating her greatest rival Chris Evert in three sets in the final and captured the World No. 1 ranking for the first time. Martina defended her Wimbledon title in 1979, again beating Evert. However, after Evert crushed Martina in 1981 in the finals of the Women’s Tennis Association championships, Martina began working with basketball’s “Lady Magic,” Nancy Lieberman, who helped Martina overhaul her fitness.  She also teamed up with a coach, Renee Richards, who helped with her mental focus. Let your little ones shoot some hoops and, inside the Embassy, speak to the representatives of SportMind, who work with athletes’ psychology to improve their performance.

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