Systematic work with immigrants in Italy and the UK supported by Eurostars


Measuring the attitudes of people applying for asylum and subsequent training of soft skills are the key pillars of the project SCRIPT (Socio Cultural Intervention Radicalisation through a Program of Training), which got the support of the international program of the European Commission Eurostars.

In cooperation with the project partners and educational agencies from Italy and the UK, the company DAP Services gives rise to a new tool that measures the ability to comply with national cultural standards in both countries. Based on measurements of attitudes and other information such as the profession orientation of trainees the specific training of soft skills is recommended. It can also be found that it is not effective for the participant to participate in the training process so he will be offered other alternatives.

Experiential training of soft skills increases not only each competency itself but also the awareness of the foreign nationals rules. Better skills can mean an easier integration into the society as well ass an easier access to work. After the soft skills training is finished the participants’ attitudes will be re-remeasured.

Organizations involved in the project, deal with the problems of immigrants in these countries at the national level. They have already begun to cooperate in various parts of the solution and promise from SCRIPT a simplification and better efficiency in their work.

The aim of the project is to facilitate the process of integrating immigrants into society and its first results can be expected at the end of 2018.