Jungadler Mannheim supported by SportMind


Finding the team leader and running the TRY OUT system.

What the club needed? Ice Hockey club Mannheim is an international team. Blending players from different cultures into one team is always a big challenge. Imagine players from different cultural backgrounds, but great individuals. They needed to learn how to get on well and how to cooperate. However, the team leader was injured and there was a need to find a new one.

 To do list

  • Find a Team Leader
  • Improve the Team Cooperation
  • Point Out the Subconscious Characteristics of New Players


How SportMind helped?

  • We trained 5 coaches from the club
  • We also trained 1 mental coach to use SportMind diagnostics.
  • The mental coach started to improve the cooperation, running teambuilding events focused on particular findings from SportMind diagnostics
  • Before the new season coaches will use SportMind diagnostics as one part of the TRY OUT system
  • Not only will they be aware of their physical abilities but also of their Subconscious Mindset and characteristics!

At this point…..

They now have a new team leader and a team with a high level of cooperation.

They are using SportMind during TRY OUT to bring great ice hockey players with suitable mindsets and characteristics into the team.


What are the results?

The Jungadlers team won the German Championship with their Professional players operating with the support of the SportMind diagnostic tool and the unique ‘Try Out’ system.

“SportMind is a great support for preparing the team and each player on his own for achieving the highest possible goal!” Frank Fischöder, Head of coaching Jungadler Mannheim



Congratulations! We continue to support the Mannheim team to keep the Winning Mindset.

For long term work with both adult and junior teams get the STANDARD TEAM LICENCE.

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