UK scientists have published a study on EnCare diagnostic for the early state of dementia

granny-2347552_1920A team of experts has examined the development and usability of EnCare diagnostics for healthy older adults, cognitively impaired and physically impaired individuals. This study was published in July 2017 in Healthcare Technology Letters. At the same time, the study focused on the usefulness of the brain fit plan, a novel solution for personalized cognitive stimulation.
EnCare Diagnostics reveals the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease, which allows the timely deployment of appropriate treatment. This solution is based on the CA method and compares the results with internationally used neuropsychological tests.
The study demonstrated that EnCare diagnostics is highly acceptable for the selected target group. More about EnCare diagnostics can be found at en-care.comThe entire study is available here:      logo-encare-barevne-pozadi-bile