Strategic cooperation on the Russian market is as vast as the country itself

Scientific, methodological, and research cooperation in the field of sports psychology and diagnostics was established by SportMind diagnostics and the Russian National Institute of Biomedicine and Sport. It will assure the SportMind brand on the Russian market. “We signed a contract on relatively extensive strategic cooperation on the Russian market and at the same time trained 14 sports psychologists who cover a significant part of Russia,” says Jiří Rudolf, a representative of SportMind for Russia.

CA method and SportMind diagnostics extended to the vast territory of the Russian Federation

The mentioned 14 sports psychologists are now going expand the use of the SportMind diagnosis across the vast territory of the Russian Federation. Some of them have flown from Ufa, Tyumen, Samara or the Barnaul region to learn about SportMind diagnostics. Olga Vladimirovna Tiunovova, the rector of the institute and also the director of the Laboratory of Physical Education and Practical Psychology operating at the Institute, also became an expert in the diagnostics. Among the participants were also significant sports personalities, such as the former World Ice Climbing Champion – the discipline of alpinism. The route to Russian cooperation gained the full swing in the spring of 2017 when our partner SportMind HDTS identified potential customers among hockey clubs in Russia. These were the first places where the product presentations were held and where the interest in the product arose from their side. Subsequently, we translated it into the Russian language. In the next phase, we needed to get a partner on the Russian market, which will cover the role of the consultants for customers, that is to manage SportMind. And thus we started to search such partner.

The National Institute of Biomedicine and Sport is a partner of SportMind

In September, the National Institute of Biomedicine and Sport was contacted for the first time, and we started the talks about possible cooperation. At the turn of September and October, we first met Olga Vladimirovna Tiunova and agreed to launch the first phase of the negotiation on the model of cooperation. In November, 14 sports psychologists were trained (in fact 13 sports psychologists and 1 trainer) covering a significant part of Russia. Now, all of them will be running trials at sports clubs to get training completed by mid-February, and the consultants could start working with customers. “Since signing the strategic cooperation agreement on the Russian market between the Institute and SportMind Diagnostics, everything has been under gestion and supervision of the Institute. With this step, we have launched SportMind onto another big market, which is a great pleasure for us, “adds Jiří Šimonek, the director of SportMind Diagnostics.