DAP Education


Colors of Our School

We offer an evaluation of schools. Why don’t you ask about your school? We grow by learning, acquiring knowledge and having relationships with other people.


Career Counselling

The choice of high school, college or a university may influence and shape us in both studies and career very accurately and for quite a long period. Choose the right path!


Students in Distress

We detect bullying and other behavioral risks. Problems in the class can be exposed in their early stages. We precisely identify where they came from, solve the causes and make the effects disappear.



Gain insight into the atmosphere, relationships, or teachers of your kindergarten.


We will examine the quality of education and investigate the interplay of relationships both between students and teachers and possible behavioral risks.


This online learning tool will take you into an exciting world of numbers. Count with us!


A comprehensive counseling system to prevent and influence socio-pathological phenomena in schools.


DAP Education

  • proposing changes to increase the effectiveness of education in schools in individual subjects
  • providing information about relationships and the atmosphere
  • providing information about possible behavioral risks (such as aggression or bullying)
  • examining the readiness of children to enter school
  • career counselling
  • assessment for teachers

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