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We measure soft skills, help to develop them and then measure again. Why? Soft skills are the key for success in both professional and personal life.


Where people meet ideas. And where the ideas meet investors.


People management in 15 minutes. Balance for teams or individuals.


Revolutionize your customer services. Measure satisfaction, relationships, and engagement of your customer services representatives and provide better customer services.


Understand Your new employees or whole teams and help them work more efficiently.


Discover your entrepreneurial skills! This app will help you determine their level and lead you to the micro-courses you need.

Individual Profile

The Individual Profile is the cornerstone of our diagnostics that will thoroughly familiarize you with the diagnosed person. It can be used for both individual employees and the whole corporate units.

What information will you find in it?
Characteristics of personality – constructive behavioral types – relationships atmosphere – ideals – motivators – operators – stressors – destructors – threat by risk phenomena – person and stress – person in change – person and the company.

Suitable for: recruitment, employee development, assessment center

Group Profile

Understanding the group, including its strengths and weaknesses, allows us to choose an effective management strategy.

What information will you find in the Group Profile?

Effectivity of work processes – group characteristics – relationships atmosphere – constructive behavioral types – threats by risk phenomena – word schemes – unethical behavior – formation of attitudes within a group – detailed analysis.

Suitable for: improving team performance, working with virtual teams, personnel audit, group coaching


Human Resources

  • recruitment
  • assessment centers
  • development of employees
  • employee integration and team building
  • improving team performance
  • personnel audit

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