DAP Solutions

DAP Market Research

DAP provides marketing and advertising professionals unprecedented insight into the consumer psyche, enabling a deep understanding of how consumers perceive their products and what specific changes would increase sales. By identifying and examining the relationship between consumers and products, and the complex thought processes that drive consumer behavior, DAP is an invaluable tool for increased revenue through better marketing.

DAP accurately assesses consumer satisfaction and preference in a way traditional market research cannot, enabling companies to deeply understand the connections between consumers and their products. DAP market research helps companies identify consumers’ precise perception of a brand and its marketing, and compare that perception with other products, and with its competitors. DAP also conducts parallel testing of two or more marketing directions to determine which would work best. DAP provides specific recommendations on how to implement these results in a more effective advertising campaign. As a result, DAP clients are able to streamline their marketing and significantly boost sales.

DAP can evaluate thousands of consumers in a single study and extract comprehensive information in a short time at a reasonable cost. Through its in-depth analysis, DAP measures what consumers cannot put into words, uncovering the genuine emotional responses that drive behavior, and precisely pinpointing the reasons for each response. Because DAP gauges consumer responses on a sub-conscious level, the results cannot be fabricated or altered by test participants.
Traditional marketing research methods measure only the brain processing that consumers are consciously aware of – what they can put into words. DAP’s success is built on the fact that the most valuable information a consumer can provide happens beyond conscious awareness.

Pharmaceutical firms, automobile manufacturers and food and beverage companies are just a few of the many diverse industries that have leveraged DAP research into increased sales. Marketing, advertising, research and communications professionals rely on DAP for the most accurate, in-depth reports that enable them to produce the most effective advertising, product development, branding and packaging.

DAP Human Resources

The success or failure of a company is directly related to its hiring practices. According to Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, hiring the right people and placing them within the right team can invigorate a company, whereas selecting employees who lack transferable skills and the best personality and experience for the job can upset the balance of the entire company.

DAP recognizes the critical importance of hiring. With its lineup of Human Resources solutions, DAP demystifies the hiring process, accurately assessing the emotional intelligence of potential and existing employees and helping countless organizations maximize their employee engagement. The world’s leading recruitment agencies rely on DAP’s empirically tested solutions for detailed insight on hiring, developing and integrating employees, as well as DAP’s ability to measure parameters that cannot be reached through any other approach.

DAP Employee Calibration/Assessment

DAP has the unique capability to assess employees on a sub-conscious level, revealing the true picture on how they handle themselves and others, and accurately predicting their individual performance, managerial influence, team impact and suitability within the specific company culture. Unlike traditional job interviews, focus groups or questionnaires, in which candidates can manipulate or alter their answers to suit their desired outcome, DAP provides realistic and unbiased results. DAP greatly reduces recruitment time, cost and turnover rate, while significantly increasing employee retention, satisfaction and productivity.

DAP Employee Integration/Team Building

This solution takes the employee calibration/assessment to the next level by performing a 180 degree evaluation of the entire team. It enables companies to ensure that their newly hired or transferred employees are successfully integrating into the company and the team. DAP provides in-depth analysis on any areas in which the employee or team are lacking, such as knowledge, training and interpersonal relationships, and offers specific suggestions on how to correct those imbalances. DAP provides tangible results for corporations seeking to maximize individual and team satisfaction and performance. To ensure long term success, DAP also predicts the future performance of teams dependent on its members and leaders, in various tasks or goals.

Career Profiling

Arguably one of DAP’s most rewarding solutions, Career Profiling provides invaluable career guidance to students in high school and college, as well as people seeking a career change. DAP sub-consciously assesses an individual’s personality, interests, talents and goals through a simple, 20-minute test. Career profiling provides eye-opening advice that guides young people to the field of study that best suits their essential makeup and maximizes their potential. DAP also helps misplaced employees reshape their future by finding a career in which they flourish.

DAP Education

DAP plays a critical role in the education of the next generation. Not only is it used to measure the readiness of individual children to enter preschool or elementary school, but DAP is widely employed by educational institutions to assess schools’ overall effectiveness in teaching and learning.

By comparing pedagogy by class, subject and gender, DAP provides teaching staff with specific suggestions on how to adjust their methodology in order to enhance the educational environment. DAP’s education solutions encourage the development of real learning, resulting in students who truly understand and are competent in their studies rather than those who just “know” information. In the long term, this really makes a difference in the real world.

DAP examines the interplay of relationships between school management, teachers and students, and identifies whether individual classes offer a supportive or counter-productive environment. Six key factors are measured; school environment, teachers, teaching, subjects, school management and the process of evaluation of teaching, and school management tools. DAP can precisely pinpoint, for example, that Grade 4 boys have a potentially declining relationship with their history teacher but a productive learning connection with their English teacher. Or that Grade 6 boys and girls are struggling in science, but thriving in all other subjects.

DAP also determines if there are behavioral risks across the school on a class by class basis. DAP studies can detect bullying in the classroom, showing whether the bullying would result in potentially aggressive behavior, whether the relationships between genders are disturbed and if the teachers and senior staff have control of the situation. NOTE: Individual students are never identified in any DAP test.