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Get the Person job fit! Save your time!


Your teams

Enrich your team with an appropriate member. Create them wisely


Employee orientation

Let the employee be a contributor as soon as possible. Find out the learning style.



Experienced, well informed and motivated employees carry the success. Make sure yours are like that!



Try HR Solution based on patented CA Method. 

The success or failure of a company is directly related to its hiring practices. DAP recognizes the critical importance of hiring. With its lineup of Human Resources solutions, DAP demystifies the hiring process, accurately assessing the emotional intelligence of potential and existing employees and helping countless organizations maximize their employee engagement. The world’s leading recruitment agencies rely on DAP solutions for detailed insight on hiring, developing and integrating employees, as well as on DAP’s ability to measure parameters that cannot be assessed through any other approach.

Providing a complex solution, we oversee the whole process of gaining and keeping qualified employees. While helping individuals to choose the suitable job we are supporting companies in conducting an efficient search of potential employees, creation of a new position, choosing the right person, and composing the team that works efficiently. We assist the manager or HR manager on how to implement employee orientation in a fast and appropriate way, and how to maintain efficient long-term training, employee motivation and good atmosphere in the company.

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Invest into your business by choosing your employee wisely.


* Find out how the candidate profile corresponds with the profiles of successful employees for the defined positions..

* See only the most interesting candidates.                              

* Reducing COST-PER-HIRE, TIME-TO-RECRUIT guaranted.


Our recommendations are based on extensive statistical survey. Unlike traditional job interviews, focus groups or questionnaires, where candidates can manipulate or alter their answers to suit their desired outcome, DAP provides realistic and unbiased results.

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Team balancing 

Preview your teams!

* Select the most appropriate team member or rearrange teams to function at their best.

We will reveal their performance, work efficiency, motivation, cooperation and communication..

* We recommend an appropriate management style for each team..

Play with teams until you are satisfied with the composition.

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Emoployee orientation

Make sure that the new employees become benefits as soon as possible!

* We will show you the working potential of your employees.

* We pick up his strongest team roles.

* We will direct you to a proper model of learning and task management.

Using the color association method for testing the new employee brings a faster increase in his or her productivity and skills, and, hence, does a positive contribution to the business.

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Experienced, well informed and motivated employees carry the success. Make sure yours are like that!

* Reveal the true picture of how your people manage themselves and others.

* Assess their individual performance, leadership skills, as well as the functioning of the entire team. 

* Train them better thanks to the knowledge of the individual educational needs.

Your current employees know the specifics of the company, know their culture and processes. Help your employees to be more productive and committed to your business, increasing your stability and profitability.

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Comming soon.

My career

Find career which you can flourish in.

* Need a career change?

* Soon you can try the lite application Find your Dream Job, which won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

* Or a a simple 20-minute test  Career Profiling assessing an individual’s personality, interests, talents and goals.

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David Kahánek, Tieto. “The cooperation with DAP Services gave us a breakthrough in the long-term development of our employees. We could identify the main causes of motivational blocks for both individual and teams. The results were surprising, and really opened our eyes. Employees themselves evaluated the trainings based on CA Method diagnostic very positive. Other times, lax programmers crowded the trainings in a record short time. It is obvious that diagnostics outputs makes sense and the trainings really help them. “

Dr David Elliott, Director of Redburn Solutions. “I was amazed by the depth of information revealed by the CA Method. It offers a unique insight into people and is therefore a great tool for understanding a persons true potential.”

Diagnostics is our life. How do we use HR Solution in our company?

We hired Žanet as a graduate. And it paid off!. * We know what blocks as well as motivates our team.  * Need a career jump? See Peters story. * We keep developing both hard and soft skills.How we motivate our key employees?.

As a result, we benefit from motivated and engaged employees.

Interested in working trends?

Over 30 years, we have been collecting the data about people. We follow the trends on the sample which counts for more than 500,000 people.

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