SportMind. The Victory Is In Your Head.

Mental Analysis of Athlete

What is a suitable team role for each player? How to set the trainings? Mental analysis offers strategic information about athletes in the long term training program.

Athlete's Energy

Ready for an important match? Find out here. See more about current stress load, energy, balance of the body and mind.


Does the team underestimate the competitor or do the team members feel an unadequate respect? Test the current attitude to competitor before you face him.

Training and Seminars

How to challenge the athletes culture and development? How to use the diagnostics? Trainings and seminars will help the users.

Team Analysis

Is the atmosphere in your team healthy? Is the team performance not blocked by anything what should be removed? Work strategicly with the team motivation.






When it comes to physical performance, professional athletes have reached the limits of human body potential. Success now lies often mainly „in the head“ of an athlete.

SportMind reveals the unconscious part of human experience. It advises mental coaches about the athletes ́ psychics. SportMind immediately pinpoints the team or individual problems. Such a diagnosis can be used by coach/mental in the short and long term.

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What can you gain with SportMind?

  • New perspective to athletes culture, their development and attitudes towards them.
  • It is a breakthrough tool for coaches and mental coaches. It helps them to point out the athletes problems as well as their potential.
  • Based on these findings, coach can: motivate players, teams, set up a suitable training program, line-up the players, adapt tactics during the game according to the current setting of players, atc.
  • Offers unique predictive power. The diagnostics results correlate with the results of the matches.
  • Gives an eye-opening self awareness to the athletes.
  • Deliver uninfluenced results. SportMind diagnostic is “blind”, does not drive players to stylization).
  • The solution is adjusted to the dynamics of sport segment: fast and easy to use (for the athletes and the supportive team).


Some of Our Happy Customers


SportMind is used by football, hockey, handball, basketball and other sport clubs.



„Psychological preparation was one of the building blocks and reasons why we managed to win the bronze medal at the Hockey Ball World Championships in Bratislava in 2011.Roman Török and Ľubomír Liška SVK men hockey ball national team coaches.

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