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We live stories of our business partners and their clients. We approach every thought and idea with respect and humbleness as well as with prudence and passion for the birth of the new. Using expertise and experience of our partners, we make unique projects together and we take delight in cognition and changes they bring. We keep being fascinated by fields and parts into which these ideas get and by the amount of people they eventually help. Let’s peek at stories of some of them.

CASE STUDY: A year and a half ago they came up with an idea, now they measure call centers’ agents worldwide

Satisfaction, engagement and loyalty of employees are parameters that can be evaluated by Agent Balance solution. This solution measures soft data and compares them with the actual employees’ performance. Managers are afterward provided by clear data and recommendations to improve the operations of call centers.

This idea has revived thanks to the three founders of Agent Balance, s.r.o. who broadcasted to the world the first version of an online application built on CA method a year and a half ago.

Save your brain in time. We know how to detect the early stage of Alzheimer´s disease.

EnCare Diagnostics reveals the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, an incurable neurodegenerative brain disease, and thus allows the timely deployment of an appropriate treatment.
Experts from the UK and the Czech Republic have been working together for over a year to examine this diagnostic tool. They expect it to help prevent the disease that fundamentally affects the quality of human life. “So far, there was no tool like this,” says Dr. David Elliot, member of the research team.

When the market comes clean, your brand can grow

Colourmind is a marketing research tool using color association technique CA method. It introduces undistorted results about customer preferences. It measures quality and power of associations within a large respondent sample thanks to which we can gain high accuracy and profoundness of answers.

The tool brings companies the answers to questions about:

  • attractiveness: Do the customers like it?
  • value of products or services: How much is it important for customers?
  • attributes: How strong is the relation among particular values?
  • trends: Is the trend weakening or strengthening?

Have a look at examples of specific results of Colourmind tools.

Tantum Verde

We are proud to cooperate with these partners

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4person is dedicated to providing professional human resources services. Our priority is not the quantity but the quality of the candidates.

Market segment: Human Resources
Web: www.4person.cz
State: Czech Republic

We are a new consulting company whose essence is based on the latest scientific methods in the field of psychological-personnel counseling and proven practical experience.

Market segment: Human Resources
Web: www.adia.cz
State: Česká republika

Adler Management provides coaching and support to enterprises and organizations in HR development. As the central German purchaser of the CA method we help you to use the color assessment of soft skills in Germany. We support you with trainings and supervision in German language.

Market segment: Human Resources
Web: www.adler-management.eu
State: Germany

We support you on the journey of successful internationalization of your business activities. We don’t just say how it could go but take over specific tasks, which we have defined together with you.

Market segment: Human Resources
Web: www.avantgarde.or.at
State: Austria


We are an innovative, reliable, complex, personnel consulting company. Tell us who you are looking for. We will recommend the best one. Develop your Human Capital. We provide Recruitment and executive search, Outsourcing a payroll outsourcing, Business training and consulting, Outplacement.

Market segment: Human Resources, Education
Web: www.balanced-hr.com
State: Slovakia

I do not offer ready answers for the client, who is and where exactly their problem is, but on the basis of diagnostics I present to him a preview of his strengths and weaknesses and at the same time offer to cooperate what to do with this situation.

Market segment: Consulting
Web: www.barevnaporadna.cz
State: Česká republika


For years we organize training courses, seminars and conferences, involving managers, professionals and administrative staff. We are able to organize training on any issue or topic. In addition to the current offer, which you can find on our website, we are open to your suggestions. We have a rich knowledge base and work with many experts – gives us a very solid background of substance which is happy to provide participants of our training courses, workshops and seminars.

Market segment: Education
Web: www.centrumkompetencji.pl
State: Poland


CMC Graduate School of Business is a highly recognized management school with more than 20 years of experience in providing top-quality education. We keep up with the latest trends and in response to constantly changing needs of adult education we have entered the market with both new approaches to education and new training models.

Market segment: Education
Web: www.cmc.cz
State: Czech Republic


Passionate coaches, an eye for detail, and a personalized approach: become a better player every day & discover how to master #TheFlow.

Market segment: Sport
Web: http://corodo.net/
State: Belgium


We are experts in working with managers, sellers and athletes. We help them achieve their best performance. Our specialization providing services in mental health, sales, management and self-motivation training.


Market segment: Sport, Human Resources
State: Germany


We are the creators of Balance management and ColourMind.

Balance Management brings quality products designed for objective measuring of stereotypes into the area of development.

ColorMind allows us to predict consumers’ behavior and reactions in relation to brands, products or commercial communication.

Market segment: Human Resources, Market Research
State: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain


Euroview is a professional recruitment consultancy providing clients with human resource solutions. Our team of experienced consultants and psychologists focuses on the individual approach to each client’s needs.

Our staff members specialize in Slovak market based companies and possess deep knowledge of key market players, competition, current trends in industries as well as workforce availability in particular regions.


Market segment: Human Resources
State: Slovakia


We realize educational, methodical, research and consulting activities in the field of lifelong learning. In this area we carry out research in the field of education, we process new topics and thematic areas, we create the innovative methodology, including promoting of the using of modern technology in the learning process.

Market segment: Education
State: Czech Republic


With over 20 years of experience, Focal Point Strategies possesses essential elements and pivotal resources for companies who need their quality products and services to be brought to market with the professionalism it deserves to achieve the success they envision.
With a strong background in business development, sales, and fundraising, the partners of Focal Point Strategies joined together to create a proven system of successful sales and marketing. Focal Point Strategies offers a unique business model consistent with their philosophy of having skin in the game along with their clients.

Market segment: Marketing
State: Israel, USA


Personal counseling and educational company Freeman Consulting specializes in diagnostics, counseling and personality development. We provide services to companies and individuals as well.
Each individual has his/her own personal characteristics, features and background, which they need not to be fully aware of. Freeman helps to uncover and label these features with the help of a diagnostic method. Freeman consultants know hot use the method and its results to help the client sensitively to find the right way and use the outcome for the client’s own benefit.

Market segment: Human Resources, Education, Sport
State: Czech Republic


GISP Management Inc. is a modern company that works on the global market. Our goal is to support and develop business relationships between the Eastern Europe and the USA in the framework of various international projects for securing the needs and comfort of people on both shores of Atlantic.

Market segment: Human Resources
State: Slovakia, USA


Our goal is to support more effective preparation for hockey players by means of establishing Hockey Development Centers (HDCs) or a kind of product subset.
We put emphasis on perfection of individual player’s skills and on their proper application, i.e. integration into a team preparation.

Market segment: Sport
State:  Slovakia, Russia


The HR Partner from Novi Sad, Serbia, defines its mission as providing quality services in the field of guidance related to employee management in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our mission is to work hard, as well as to strengthen the relationship of trust and satisfaction with the results of our cooperation.

Market research: Human Resources
Web: www.hrpartner.rs
State: Serbia



“Um“ – (art, development, mind, respect, magic, power) these attributes can be used to describe our company. They represent the main point of our work, change in the area of development, education and counseling.
The main mission of our company is to be a professional partner to all those who are interested in developing a reinforcing their competence, their behavior and their decision making (businessmen, administration, managers, directors, company owners)

Market segment: Human Resources
State: Czech Republic, Slovakia

KANDIDÁTI s.r.o. is a purely Czech company specializing in pre-selection of candidates in combination with a diagnosis of personality and work prerequisites. We quickly and efficiently link job seekers to potential employers. With unique diagnostics, we help candidates identify their true potential and show employers useful information for the selection, incorporation, development and stabilization of employees.

Market segment: Human Resources
State: Czech Republic


Ki-Wi Digital is an ICT company which develops unique digital signage and software for displays and interactive kiosks. Designed for retailers, advertisers, real estate agencies, municipalities and government, Ki-Wi enables customers to increase sales and enhance the customer experience.
Since 2007 Ki-Wi Digital has grown from two employees to over 20. Ki-Wi is headquartered in the Czech Republic with R&D in Slovakia and a sales office in San Francisco, California.

Market segment: IT
Web: www.ki-wi.cz
State: Czech Republic, USA


Finding a suitable employee is the key to success. Employees are the basis success of each successful business. The right person in the right place at the right time can achieve extraordinary things. There are not so many talented people on the labour market and it is necessary to try all possibilities and alternative ways to find the right job applicant.

Market segment: Human Resources
Web: www.kovalsky-partners.cz
State: Czech Republic


Education of adults – distance learning, everyday learning and coaching.
Organizing conferences, specialized seminars, training, courses and retraining.
Development of new educational and training materials.
Expert and counseling and consulting activity with the intention of managerial a personal development and the development of an organization.

KREDIT Ltd. has a managerial quality system introduced since 2nd May 2002.

Market segment: Human Resources, Education
State: Slovakia


Our educational company will help you achieve success without you having to act like some attack dogs. Or else, old habits die hard. But if you really want…
We realize activities, in which we assist with our easygoing and professional attitude in a comfortable environment we help to solve practical problems and dilemmas, which the customers meet within their personal and professional lives.
We are not advocates of a formal attitude and theorizing, but we know that using “your own head and sensibility” is the best way to make the decision about how to deal with problems and dilemmas.

Market segment: Human Resources
State: Czech Republic


Mapaz AB was founded in 1991 and has since then delivered hundreds of systems both national and international. Our customers are mostly small and medium-sized companies, but we also have major companies such as Volvo and Sandvik as customers. Our customers are active in all types of manufacturing industries such as steel, mechanics, electronics, mould-making, wood, boat builders, service and process. Many of our customers currently conduct their businesses according to our vision of a paperless production in a digital factory.


Market segment: IT technology, Business management
State: Sweden

Millennial consulting is a company with a lot of experience with the challenge of broadening the standards of management and human resources on the territory of Montenegro. Organizations´activities include recruiting, HR consulting, development and legal consulting.


Market segment: HR
State: Montenegro


A modern company specializing in on-line applications market.
Marketing diagnostics
Psychometric applications development
Entertaining and training applications and games development (topic: development of business potential of companies and of the individual potential of individuals)

Market segment: Market research
State: Czech republic

Our mission is to develop new concepts with high-quality educational content by providing consulting efforts for training and business development. Optimizing customer value through unique global market concepts and networking in the private and public sectors.

Market segment: Human resources
State: Sweden

Thanks to our experience and research by scientists around the world, we have the opportunity to use the diagnostics we make on the most modern devices. It allows us to build a program that will help you achieve maximum brain performance and visual system performance.

Market segment: Personal development, Health
State: Czech Republic


NAR marketing s.r.o. is a marketing company with a significant specialization in e-business processes in the area of purchase and supply relationships marketing, especially in the environment of B2B market. NAR is a member of Czech Marketing Society (Česká marketingová společnost). The director, Mr. Miloslav Kaplan, is one of the few tens of certified CMS specialists. Furthermore, they provide e-business services to institutions and companies, in which the selection procedure is regulated by the Public Procurement Law.

Market segment: Human resources  – purchasing teams
State: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Croatia

A visit to a psychotherapist is a unique opportunity to give extraordinary care to your soul and achieve a happier life.

We offer individual therapy and counseling, coaching, crisis intervention, group work and education.

Market segment: Consulting, Coaching
State: Czech Republic

We are Novitim! We can find the most suitable candidates for the positions you are looking for. We help our clients and their employees to “find themselves” in the work environment and feel satisfied.

Market segment: HR, Consulting
State: Czech Republic


We provide our services in the field of individual and sports counseling. In sports, our services are available to individuals or sports clubs / organizations, in addition to individuals. Advisory, consulting and intervention activities are based on the client’s needs. Based on the analysis and diagnosis of the initial state, based on the client’s options, we choose the procedure and the intervention steps. We use CA method for analysis. Our motives and goals are simple. Based on our quality service, satisfied client.

Market segment: Sport
State: Czech Republic, Slovakia


Services for basketball players. Since we established PP Group in 2004 in Prague, Czech Republic, we reached a dominant position within a central European market. Up to date we represent more than 50 players, counting many current TOP Czech players, and also players projected by basketball experts once to become Euroleague and NBA caliber stars.

Market segment: Sport
State: Czech Republic


PRAXISCOM present on the market since 2011 and has completed more than 30 projects for the public and private ownership.
PRAXISCOM, as the leading russian project management and consulting agency based in Moscow is the first russian speaking partner that will guarantee for the quality of the color association based products in the field of project management for the whole russian speaking territory.

Market segment: Human Resources
State: Russia


Prof. DR Marijana Mladenovic Professor of Sports psychology at College of Sports & Health, Belgrade, Serbia. Head of specialization studies at the Sports Coaching Department.
Psychological preparation is an integral part of the overall preparation of athletes. Along while athletes work on conditional training, and learn the techniques and tactics, it is necessary to systematically and continuously practice mental preparation as well.

Market segment: Sport
State: Serbia


Gomel Regional Center of Testing and Vocational Guidance of Students was founded in December 2001 at the Sukhoi Gomel State Technical University (Gomel, Republic of Belarus).
Our mission is the creating conditions for supporting students in their successful realization of their potential in the building of the future professional career.
The main objective is the objectively measuring the knowledge, skills and abilities of students, assessing their propensities, abilities and talents for identify their potential for growth.

Market segment: Education
Web: www.rct.gomel.by
State: Belarus


A company from Belfast that specializes in the area of education and health service. A successful projects resolver in 7th framework program – FP7.
In 2013 the company introduces a product for schools that is based on CA method – Inner School Evaluation – on the English speaking countries market.

Market segment: Education, Health
Web:  www.redburnsolutions.eu
State: Great Britain, USA


RPIC-ViP Ltd. is an educational, innovative and counseling company operating in the labor market since 1999. We are a dynamically developing company whose management has twenty-year experience in the field of human resources management. Together with Specialist Service, s.r.o., its daughter company, RPIC-ViP belongs among the strongest educational and counseling organizations with the exclusively Czech capital in the Czech Republic.

Market segment: Human Resources, Education
State: Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium


We are a professional counseling company that offers its clients a complex counseling services in these areas:
– Business process optimalization – see SOFO Optimalization
– Implementation of management systems according to international ISO standards – see SOFO implementation of standards and education
– Counseling in the area of information technologies – see SOFO IT section
– Complex services in the field of endowment counseling – see SOFO endowment counseling
– BOZP and PO counseling – see SOFO Engineering

Market segment: Procedural analyses
State: Czech Republic, Slovakia


SoftSkillers Deutschland GmbH is the exclusive HR partner of DAP Services in Germany. We provide consultation and diagnostics as well as we educate other German users to use the HR solutions in their business. SoftSkillers Deutschland has actually educated 16 consultants in 4 partner companies.

Market segment: Human Resources
State: Germany


SoftSkillers Östereich GmbH is the exclusive HR partner of DAP Services in Austria. We provide consultation and diagnostics as well as we educate other Austrian users to use the HR solutions in their business.

Market segment: Human Resources
State: Austria


Specialist Service Ltd. Recruitment Agency belongs to the longest operating agencies in the Moravian-Silesian Region. It was founded in 1993 as a division of the Union for the Development of Northern Moravia and Silesia.
Since its foundation the agency has been focusing primarily on the recruitment of managers and specialists. During its progress the agency has extended its services to cover complex staff recruitment for new investors and other consultancy services in the field of human resources management. In 2004 Specialist Service Ltd. became a daughter company of a consultancy firm RPIC-VIP Ltd.

Market segment: Human Resources
State: Czech Republic


Taking those circumstances into account, we must admit that any sportsperson wishing to be successful requires professional support to provide for their and their family’s future. Advice and guidance of experts who will assist with signing contracts, cooperation with sponsors, and working to develop sports potential is crucial.
Our aim is to enable sportspeople to build and plan their career and financial future in the best way possible. Our slogan “Sportsperson – first of all a human being” is well thought over.
We heartily encourage you to inquire about manners of cooperation available.

Market segment: Sport
State: Poland



Star Level specializes in lifting people’s energy and teams necessary for genuine development of the organization. We are working on these aspects of teams and individuals that are hidden outside of conscious knowledge and the competences. Through various, often subtle actions (e.g coaching, team coaching) based on Gallup Strenghts and DAP services, we influence the long-term and desirable changes of attitude, state and energy individuals and whole teams.

Market segment: Human Resources
State: Poland



Syntra West is a not for profit organization set up in 1960 which is providing 3,5 million training hours every year for about 55,000 trainees. We are working with 2,000 part-time trainers and a staff of 200 persons. There are 6 training campuses in the province of West-Flanders (Belgium).
Our target groups are self-employed, company managers, senior staff and employees of small and medium-sized companies. We offer short and long-term training sessions in

  • Technical training for 200 professions
  • Management training
  • IT training
  • Language training with native speakers

Market segment: Education, Human Resources
State: Belgium



Talkitt helps millions of people with speech problems to talk without limitation!
Talkitt brings innovative opportunities that make it easier for people with motor, speech, and language difficulties to communicate – using their own voice.

Market segment: Education, Human Resources
State: Israel, USA


We are a company that is engaged in the development of professional skills of the HR personnel in the field of management, marketing, trade and services.
We help our clients to market, reversing declining profits, increase work efficiency and employee morale, clear internal communications from noise, and so on.

Market segment: Education, Human Resources
State: Slovakia


We are choosing the right people in the right places. The company was founded in 2005 and in 2008 we were one of the main recruitment companies in Sweden. We cooperate with the Swedish Employment Office. Our main content is recruitment, training, requalification and return to work. You can find us in more than 40 locations in the country.

Market segment: Human Resources
State: Sweden