While women in our team would prefer Uniter as their leader, men would prefer Stayer.



And this is just one on many interesting facts which you can find out with team diagnostic tool in HR Solution.

The solution focused on teams allows you to see the results for any group imaginable. In the tool you can remove any member of the team and you will immediately see how would the teamwork change. What would motivate them or on the contrary what would slow them down and what type of leadership would be the best for them.

 leading of the teamFor instance, if we had removed all men from our team, the remaining team would have needed to be led by someone who prefers personal relationships, human cooperation and atmosphere of work activities based on unanimous, long-lasting and common goal. On the other hand, if all the women were gone it would be necessary to repeatedly, thoroughly and in the long term stick to the work procedures which include using known skills and information. An interesting fact is that in exclusively women team the group cohesion would be lower. Quite expectedly the rate of communication would be significantly lower in exclusively men team.

The fact that we need each other is surely of no surprise. But playing with teams, modelling them offers many other insights into the mysteries and dark corners of your company. Into efficiency and effectiveness of their work. Into the very basics of their satisfaction, motivation and into what stops them. It allows managers and HR professionals to match up great teams even before they start the work.