WORK COMPETENCIES. How to assess their level.

^C2D1BE10EC75CD9D3EF5F43D06F45A5C966FFB1BCC535FF0B0^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrVíta’s job is programming and it’s what makes him happy as well. For several years he has been writing codes for us in such a way that the user is able to use it in new apps. Together with other colleagues he developed products like SoftSkillers, HR Solution, Enterprising Europe. He was a member of international programming teams.

“Each task is a unique challenge to create a smart solution of a problem. For me, programming is not a routine activity, and each time I do my best to try to find better and more efficient solutions by exploring new technologies, learning from previous errors, etc. And, of course, the best motivation is the joy I get from knowing that everything works the way it is supposed to :-)” says Víta with a smile and a typical calm look on his face. At the moment, Víta is in charge of SoftSkillers development. And so we tested it on him as well. You can see some parts of his profile.

Talent – Diligence – Conditions. Key factors for personal development: Víta’s example.

Vita_ENHe proves his talent for coping with programming challenges with his results, but also joy and personal approach. He ascribes a sufficient amount of attention and energy to his work tasks. His output shows that he performs his work reliably.

He is adequately motivated. Has a high motivation to cooperate with people which is necessary for his project. He sometimes lacks motivation to search for information dynamically. There is so much of it. Due to his new managerial role, he is forced to cope with more demanding tasks. External conditions and demands such as time, deadlines and speed are now causing overload in performance-related matters. Especially in those that have to be addressed under pressure. It kills him when things are going slowly.
He has a great potential and is willing to improve in the area of planning and organization of work. He doesn’t want to achieve his goals in an extremely risky way. Rather than that, he seeks to ensure that things are ready and there is a system in place.

Overall, this is a very functional employee profile. If he wanted to work on his strengths and weaknesses, at this point he would continue the SoftSkillers product with one of the following trainings: Leadership, problem solving, planning and organization of work or performance. After half a year of practice we would remeasure his results. It is certain that he might be even happier than he is now. Because, as he himself says, he agrees that “it is necessary to improve all the time and in everything”. :)

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