DAP Services celebrates 10 years since its foundation


Ten amazing years has passed since DAP Services was established. For some people it may seem a short time, for others long. It has to be said that during the years we have proved that we are an innovative company with international impact.

The portfolio of product solutions and projects in which we participate is unusually wide for a small company. We have established our business in target marketing, HR, education, sport and we have been getting into health care. All of our activities revolve around CA method – a unique diagnostic method. We have been cultivating the method as we go so it is ready to be used for specific projects.

However, nothing from the above could have been achieved without the help of our business partners, associates and a perfect work team we have build in the course of the 10 years. Thanks to all of you who have, even for a brief moment, participated in our activities.

On 9th June our annual conference is going to take place. We are going to celebrate our present successes there. We firmly believe that there are many more amazing years in the future. From now on we are going to continue sharing our successes with you and we are going to enter another ten years of our company with words “Diagnostics is our life” on lips.