A year and half ago they came up with an idea, now they measure call centers’ agents worldwide

Satisfaction, engagement and loyalty of employees are parameters that can be evaluated by Agent Balance solution. This solution measures soft data and compares them with the actual employees performance. Managers are afterwards provided by clear data and recommendations to improve the operations of call centers.

This idea has revived thanks to the three founders of Agent Balance, s.r.o. who broadcasted to the world the first version of an online application built on CA method a year and half ago.




The idea has immediately penetrated within the European market, countries such as Germany, the Benelux countries, and Slovakia has got enthralled by this solution. It has spread also to giant African and American markets.

AgentBalance was among the top 10 global startups selected  by The agency Vienna Wirtschaftsagentur. In 2015, the idea was awarded in the UK for the greatest innovation in the Customer Contact EXPO 2015. In Slovak it won the 1st prize in the Digital category in Slovak Startup Awards.

The new version 2.0 is already being used by 20 business partners around the world. Its enormous growth is caused by a good idea, precise execution and doggedness of the authors.

“CA method has enabled us building a completely unique product  based on interesting data which is easy to use at the same time. That can be a strength and charm of our solution,” says Přemek Piška, one of the authors of the idea.

přemek piška video


You can find more information at www.agentbalance.com

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