DAP Services are shaking things up. We are starting with new company premises.

As of April this year, you can find us at our new company premises. We have moved to a building in the Homola, a.s. company complex on Vratimovská Street in Ostrava Kunčičky. This space meets our current requirements with regards to capacity, size, technology and aesthetics. It provides us with an on-site training centre, comprising three equipped classrooms and an auditorium, dining facilities and a sufficient amount of parking spaces. The industrial centre is based approx. 3 minutes from Ostrava’s city centre and two minutes from Rudná Street.


During this year, we will be gradually uncovering more news with regards to new products and concepts, meetings with business partners and marketing, and many others.

We are looking look forward to seeing you at the new premises at:

Průmyslové centrum Ostrava

Vratimovská 624/11
718 00 Ostrava – Kunčičky