We are changing the face of our company. Let us introduce DAP Services’ new visual style.

After 13 years, DAP Services are changing their logo. And not only that. New shapes and colours will liven up the company’s overall visual communication and the changes will also affect the CA method logo. “We were looking for a style that would stand out for its simplicity, while underlining the sophistication of our product,” says Jiří Šimonek, company director.

It was essential to create such a new visual identity to be able to communicate both logos simultaneously, without any confusion. We therefore went for the option of choosing a more modest company logo and a distinct logo for the method, which only required minor improvements. The shapes of the letters in both logos use circles, which we also use in our new company presentation.

The new logos, as well as the first application of the visual, can be seen below. All materials will soon be available for our partners to download.