Webinars 2020 will show new ways to read diagnostics. Their plan is already published.

We have prepared a set of webinars. They cover specific and practical topics. We have chosen such topics that we dealt with most often with partners and their clients. Some topics are easy to understand even without previous experience with CA method. For some webinars is better to be orientated in selected products. The detailed information is always given in the webinar description.

Online or a record?

It is possible to apply for an online version of webinars in which the participants communicate directly with the lecturer and ask questions about the topic. Up to 10 participants can participate in one webinar and we will reserve a place after paying the invoice. The participant of the online webinar will also receive his / her record. One participant can attend all planned webinars.

Where and how to apply?

You can subscribe to a webinar now. Full booking will be valid after paying the webinar fee, then you will be invited to a virtual meeting via google calendar.

We are looking forward to a virtual meeting
The DAP Services team