CASE STUDY: From a regional project for immigrants to the confident brand Softskillers Deutschland

We have started cooperating with the executive director of the German company Adler Management, Marco Bünger, on a joint project for immigrants in 2017.

The National Matching project focused on the professional integration of immigrants and refugees into the Brandenburg healthcare system.

Thanks to the use of the CA method, we can objectively measure and certify client competencies, which can be very useful in professional (re-) integration,” Marco appreciated at the beginning of the project.

From a joint project to use at Adler Management

The team of experts used Softskillers diagnostics for the “national matching”, project. The evaluated information from the measurement of competencies made such a sense to the team that Marco also introduced these diagnostics into his practice and started to use the CA method in the company Adler Management.

Here, the CA method began to be used for:

  • assessment of the soft skills of the unemployed people,
  • assessment of soft skills of immigrants with the academic background,
  • personnel development in companies, especially the improvement of team processes, but also recruitment,
  • in other training measures as a supplement to conventional methods of employee evaluation.

The trained network of consultants and partner organizations in Germany

These activities were carried out by a team of eight expert consultants trained in the use of the CA method in 2018 in Berlin. In the next phase, representatives of partner organizations were trained, which was the basis for the Softskillers Deutschland network.

Softskillers Deutschland now holds the unique right to use the CA method for HR products in its country.

It is not only Softskillers diagnostics, but a complete portfolio of online HR Solution products based on CA method diagnostics, which solve HR processes from recruitment, onboarding to employee development, as well as bringing unique information in creating virtual teams.

Softskillers Deutschland now covers a network of trained companies that work with diagnostic products and follow them up with their professional services.