The MEDIS EnCare project started with a conference

In compliance with the security measures against COVID19, the MEDIS network of doctors for medical care in southern Brandenburg has launched a “MEDIS EnCare” workshop.

The inaugural workshop on the “MEDIS EnCare” project took place on 5 August 2020 on the Klettwitz family campus. MEDIS, in cooperation with Adler Management, Klinikum Campus GmbH, and DAP Services a.s. invited guests from a range of health services areas through the event program. The main points of the event were the setting of the general framework of the project, the presentation of the history of the “Colour Association Method” (CA method), its scientific background, and the presentation of the development of the EnCare test. Despite small language barriers, the project supported the exchange of constructive contributions that accelerate the upcoming practical implementation of the EnCare test.


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