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We live stories of our business partners and their clients. We approach every thought and idea with respect and humbleness as well as with prudence and passion for the birth of the new. Using expertise and experience of our partners, we make unique projects together and we take delight in cognition and changes they bring. We keep being fascinated by fields and parts into which these ideas get and by the amount of people they eventually help. Let’s peek at stories of some of them.

CASE STUDY: From a regional project for immigrants to the confident brand Softskillers Deutschland

We have started cooperating with the executive director of the German company Adler Management, Marco Bünger, on a joint project for immigrants in 2017.
The National Matching project focused on the professional integration of immigrants and refugees into the Brandenburg healthcare system.

“Thanks to the use of the CA method, we can objectively measure and certify client competencies, which can be very useful in professional (re-) integration,” Marco appreciated at the beginning of the project.

Softskillers Deutschland now covers a network of trained companies that work with diagnostic products and follow them up with their professional services. Read more.

Save your brain in time. We know how to detect the early stage of Alzheimer´s disease.

EnCare Diagnostics reveals the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, an incurable neurodegenerative brain disease, and thus allows the timely deployment of an appropriate treatment.
Experts from the UK and the Czech Republic have been working together for over a year to examine this diagnostic tool. They expect it to help prevent the disease that fundamentally affects the quality of human life. “So far, there was no tool like this,” says Dr. David Elliot, member of the research team.

When the market comes clean, your brand can grow

Colourmind is a marketing research tool using color association technique CA method. It introduces undistorted results about customer preferences. It measures quality and power of associations within a large respondent sample thanks to which we can gain high accuracy and profoundness of answers.

The tool brings companies the answers to questions about:

  • attractiveness: Do the customers like it?
  • value of products or services: How much is it important for customers?
  • attributes: How strong is the relation among particular values?
  • trends: Is the trend weakening or strengthening?

Have a look at examples of specific results of Colourmind tools.

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E.ON global energy company

Herbadent – dental hygiene – market research

Aegon insurance company – market research

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