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About DAP Services


We are a small dynamic company focused on research and development. We provide services in the sphere of psychodiagnostics. We refine our own method based on common psychological methods and adjusted to be used on the internet platform. The method can be used in various fields of human activities.



Our mission and vision


Diagnostics is our life. Our mission is to help our business partners and their clients to understand the examined problems. With a thorough comprehension, they can set and manage the planned changes better or reach their targets more effectively.

We want to be a strong international company orientated towards supporting partner organizations in psychodiagnostics sphere.

In cooperation with our business partners from all around the world, we create innovative products and solutions. At the same time, our company looks actively for scientific-research partners all around the world and takes part in other research activities, i.e. EU framework programs for science and research.

Code of Ethics


DAP Services a.s. company is fully aware of its responsibility towards the state, society, business partners, users of the Company´s products and services and employees. The Company asserts ethical conduct of all persons connected with the Company in its activity. This Ethical Code represents an aggregate of principles and rules, obligatory for all employees of the Company, members of its bodies and the persons stated hereinafter. The Ethical Code contains statutes of the Ethical Commission of the Company, which is authorized to perform the tasks specified hereinafter, related to the Ethical Code.

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